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Gratis versnellingsbak diagnose laten uitvoeren??

The error code P1743 in Porsche models indicates a specific problem with the plausibility of the speed sensor coupling of transmission 1. This is a technical fault that can affect the performance of the car and requires immediate attention from a qualified technician. The following explains what this error code means, which Porsche models it can affect, and how to fix it.

What Does P1743 Mean?

Error code P1743 is triggered when there is an inconsistency between the speed sensor input signals and the expected values according to the transmission control module (TCM). This code may indicate a malfunction or problem with the transmission speed sensors, which may lead to incorrect information about the vehicle’s speed.

Porsche Models Frequently Affected by P1743

  • Porsche 911
    : Known for its advanced PDK transmission, this model may experience problems if the speed sensor does not function accurately.

  • Porsche Panamera
    : Also equipped with a complex transmission, the Panamera may suffer from similar sensor problems, especially in the 8-speed PDK gearbox.

  • Porsche Cayenne
    : With both Tiptronic and PDK options, the Cayenne is prone to P1743, especially in models that are heavily used.

Symptoms of P1743 in Porsche

  • Irregular Shifting Behavior: The vehicle may exhibit unexpected shifting movements.
  • Warning lights: The indicator light for the transmission or engine may light up.
  • Decreased Vehicle Performance: Reduced acceleration and overall performance are possible.
  • Erratic Speedometer: The speedometer may display inaccurate speeds.

Solutions for P1743

  • Speed Sensor Diagnostics: Have a complete diagnostic performed to determine if the sensors are functioning correctly.
  • Sensor Replacement: If the speed sensors are faulty, they must be replaced.
  • Checking Cabling and Connectors: Damaged cables or loose connectors can also be the cause of incorrect signals.
  • Software Update: In some cases, a transmission software update may be necessary to solve this problem.


The error code P1743 is a serious warning indicating a problem with the transmission speed sensor clutch in Porsche models. Ignoring this code may result in further damage to the transmission and adversely affect vehicle performance. Early diagnosis and repair are crucial to ensure that your Porsche continues to function optimally and extend the life of the transmission. Be sure to have these issues addressed by a qualified Porsche specialist to ensure the quality and safety of your vehicle.